Friday, May 24, 2019

Saturna Island and the PRISM Art Gallery

Saturna is a very special place in this world, as free as possible from the intrusive and often-troubling distractions of the world at large. It's an island filled with gorgeous natural spots and much abiding inspiration. No wonder Saturna is home to many local artists and artisans. You can see a fine sample of work of local talent displayed on the walls of the Saturna Café until June 9.

I'm one of Saturna's local artists, with my Saturna Island studio being the place where the magic I can capture gets conveyed to canvas. My studio (up the hill from my home at Saturna) is in rather an out-of-the-way spot, even for this out-of-the-way island. Relatively few people come to visit me there, and I suppose that's just as well. It's busy with all the work I'm doing for current and upcoming shows in Vancouver and elsewhere, and there's hardly a place to "show" the work well. All the in-progress material impedes anyone but me from getting around. I try to tidy it up occasionally, but not when I'm busy on a project, which has been often these days. But, you know, it's nice to have people see and comment on your work. And I do miss that. So....

original painting, 2019, by Janet Strayer:
What I've done is open the PRISM, a small gallery for the summer months at lovely spot near the ferry. I don't know how long I can keep it running, but it's been a pleasure to invite people to see the art, to direct them to other people's studios, as well as to local scenic spots on Saturna. I welcome all the new visitors who just casually drop in as they wait for the ferry or have an ice-cream. And I'm happy to see return visitors, like the nature photographers who've come by boat for several seasons, eager to show and share work with me. Or like the couple from France who only had time to visit one Gulf Island and chose Saturna. Or the young bike-riders from Germany, who'd never  been to an "art gallery" before, but enjoyed this one. It's a small island that invites the world.

This summer, I'm hosting the PRISM Art Gallery once more--- OPENS  JUNE 1. The gallery will be open on weekends and holiday Mondays until after Labour Day. New paintings will be displayed  monthly, and there will be some surprises, including a large 3-D collages I've been working on for months. I'm eager to meet the new visitors and to welcome those who've come again to visit. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Spring ArtSaturna Group show at Saturna Cafe

Here are a few images from our spring 2019 ArtSaturna show at the cafe.  Chef Hubertus Surm made us a wonderful dinner Saturday night to celebrate spring and all new work on display. The show continues to May 29.

Art Saturna Group Show, Saturna Café, BC

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Saturna-Inspired Exhibition at the District Gallery, North Vancouver

Now that we've officially fallen into Fall, the autumn season brings a new show of Saturna-inspired art to a municipal gallery in North Vancouver. You can visit their website for more info, but the invitation appears below. For more photos of the paintings hanging at the gallery, click here. 

A recent collection of my paintings, entitled Flow: Envisioning Nature, was inspired by and created on Saturna Island. They are now showing in a curated  exhibition (sponsored by the N.Van Arts Council) at the District Foyer Gallery in North Vancouver until Nov. 5.

Hope you get a chance to see and enjoy them. And please let me know if you do!

Friday, July 27, 2018

Studio Tour 2018

August long weekend come out and enjoy the Saturna 2018 Studio Tour. Free maps available at the General Store and Cafe, and at various participating studios.
Paintings, pottery, textile art....lots to see.

ArtSaturna 2018 Studio Tour August 4 and 5

ArtSaturna members will have a group show at the
Saturna Cafe from August 1-September 30 as well.

Thanks for supporting local art on Saturna!

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Fabulous Faces at the PRISM Gallery on Saturna Island

June inaugurates my second Spring-Summer season at the PRISM Gallery on beautiful Saturna Island (open weekends and holiday Mondays 11am-5pm). The PRISM is located at a fine little spot near the ferry dock and pub, so you can drop in and browse when coming, going, or lingering. 

Saturna is filled with a variety of wonderful artists and crafts-people. Each has his or own studio, which I'm happy to help you locate. My own working studio on the island seems a bit hard for many people to reach, so I've opened this new spot to welcome you to my artwork. 
June's New Show of Paintings at the PRISM: FABULOUS FACES / paintings by Janet Strayer. 

Saturna is filled with a variety of wonderful artists and crafts-people. Each has his or own studio, which I'm happy to help you locate. My own working studio seems a bit hard for many people to reach, so I've opened this new spot to welcome you to my artwork.

The B&Bs and camping spots on Saturna are well recommended and range across preferences and budgets. Plan a get-away here if you can. And include a visit to the PRISM. 


Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Victoria Day weekend show

One photo from our Victoria Day weekend show.  Shown are works by Gaye Oreskovic, Jack Campbell, Karen Muntean and Ellen Bourassa.  Nettie Adams, Donna Digance and Andree Fredette also contributed beautiful pieces to this well-attended show in the Community Hall.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Victoria Day long weekend show

ArtSaturna members will hang another show at the Community Hall for the May long weekend.
One of the artists will be in attendance during the hours shown on the poster.

  For Sunday and Monday the poster should say May 20 and May 21, 1-5:00.