About Us

The artists of Saturna

Saturna Island: a place of beautiful landscapes, with a small population and an artistic vibe...

In 2012, several artists decided to form ArtSaturna, to pool their talents and resources to reach out. Over four years, several exhibitions were held in  the Gallery at the Saturna Point Store, to showcase work in various media, giving visitors and residents a chance to discover local art and crafts.

ArtSaturna Members: 

* Artdream Gallery * Ellen Bourassa * Dreamscapes Studio 
* Andrée Fredette  * Karen Muntean * This-n-That Arts & Crafts * Janet Strayer * Neysa Wiens  * Nettie Adams * Grouchy Crab Pottery

This blog is the place where we  take turns describing what we do, our sources of inspiration, and art happenings on Saturna.

Arbutus Curls, Andrée Fredette