Saturday, September 29, 2012


Resurfacing  art by Donna-Fay Digance

Donna-Fay Digance 

This is the second piece of fibre art in a series called 'Resurfacing' which depict glacial erratics with communities of lichens and moss. I pass these glaciated boulders on my morning walks on Payne Road on Saturna and am fascinated with their size, variety of textures and many faceted planes.
In life, we too, resurface and change many times.
I started with many photos at different angles and printed some on Pima cotton to use as part of my collage.
I painted the sky on cotton, used dyed silk, commercial fabrics, printed images on cotton, and made confetti fabric by fusing tiny bits on fusible web.  From these fabrics, I created a collage with many shapes overlapped and stitched together including a flannel centre and cotton backing to create a quilt ‘sandwich’. The surface is densely stitched with many layers of machine and free motion embroidery. This dense thread ‘painting’ or drawing forms new colours, textures, lines and details.
Finally, I used Lumiere Metallic Paint to add highlights and further texture.
The artwork is mounted on a custom made, open box frame.

I’m printing a smaller version of this finished image on Pima Cotton to mat and frame as prints.

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