Friday, May 10, 2013

New Pieces for the Spring Show

I've chosen two pieces for the May 17-June 6, 2013 ArtSaturna show at the Saturna Recreation & Cultural Centre.  

Birds and Beasts, Karen Muntean "Birds & Beasts" is a "windowsill" still-life watercolour of souvenirs from various regions of Mexico I've visited over the last 30 years.

Bouquet with Birds, Karen Muntean

"Bouquet with Birds" is a giclee print of a large watercolour, tulips with a background fabric.  The fabric was originally hand printed and painted by Jo-Anne Monk and I during the time our fabric business (called Islas) was operational on Saturna.  We started out by learning to silkscreen T-shirts and progressed to hand-printing and painting yardage, which we sometimes made into garments.

It was fun to repaint this fabric again as part of a still life. --  Karen Muntean

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