Saturday, November 30, 2013

Janet Strayer: Eastside (Vancouver) Culture Crawl Report

photo of Janet Strayer by JK
Thanks to all who came to visit at this year's lively and festive Eastside Culture Crawl in Vancouver. Three days of art, art, art!

Very different from the pace and setting I love at Saturna, but also a welcome experience each year. This is my third year as an artist participant.

Our studio at 1000  Parker Street (#202) contains five painters and has become a lovely showplace. Three other  studio-mates and painters participated in this year's Crawl: Meredith Aitken, Debbie Bakos, and Katerine Gordon.

This year, over 400 artists were part of the Crawl in Vancouver. We and the community meet, greet, and enjoy the too-muchness of it all! An interview I gave to a camera man covering the event for City TV was the last coherent event I recall. The rest, except for some striking conversations and people, is a bit of a blur right now. But I'm still standing in his photo, propped against a studio wall showing my newest paintings.

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