Monday, August 25, 2014

End of Summer Show Opening - Thank You!

This is Andrée writing.

Sunday afternoon was very thrilling for me: thank you to all the islanders and visitors who came to the opening reception, to chat and have a look at the work on display. All the artists present were happy to discuss their work with visitors.

Photos and quilt by Andrée Fredette, ArtSaturna Opening, August 24, 2014

The gallery is nicely located right next to the ferry terminal, and a lot of people came in before boarding their ferry back to the big city.

Quilting is my main medium, and the above photo highlights one of my "wilder" quilts, on display in the gallery. 

This time, however, it was my photos printed on aluminum that generated the most interest. Many people commented about this, and were fascinated to see how the image changes as you walk around in front of the photo; in less pigmented areas of the picture, the metal shines through the image.

If you are on Saturna, I hope you will drop in and have a look.

"Flying Machine (Bird Dog)" Photo printed on aluminum, 24 x 18", © Andrée Fredette 2014

...and while it seems all too logical to choose aluminum to print a photo of a venerable plane, the Cessna "Bird Dog" that pulls the gliders up into the air at the Hope Airport in British Columbia, it doesn't seem quite as obvious to try metal as a base for a photo of kelp...

Still, kelp does catch the eye, when glistening wet at low tide after a wind storm. It looks metallic and sleek enough to merit a try. 

It turned out pretty nicely...

"Elegant Duo, Bull Kelp", Photo printed on aluminum, 24 x 18", © Andrée Fredette 2014

The End of Summer Show is on until September 25.

Monday, August 18, 2014

End of Summer Show Opening

End of Summer Show: August 24 - September 25, 2014

At the Point Store Gallery

Featured artist: Andrée Fredette

Opening Reception, artists present:

2 - 4 pm, August 24
at the Point Store Gallery
by the Ferry Dock

Art Saturna August 2014 Show, Featured Artist: Andrée Fredette