Sunday, May 24, 2020

Spring in Strange Times

photo by JS, Saturna Island 
Even in these unsettled times of the Covid-19  pandemic, signs of spring and art continue on Saturna Island. The requirements of isolation and social distancing seem a bit less harsh here on this island that has always had plenty of room for individuals and different lifestyles. Though the health-related concerns and effects on work, social exchange, travel, and morale affect us all, taking things a day at a time and valuing this day is one approach to a difficult situation.

As a painter, walking to my studio each day and working on art projects continues to be my routine adventure. No one to come see them now, but the work itself is engaging. And I guess the truth that a painter just needs to paint carries its own momentum. Public exhibits in Vancouver, where I often have paintings in a show, have been cancelled. Of course the internet continues as display and interaction substitute venue. But I get rather tired of it and its overload.

So, let me post this affirming picture of spring coming to bloom on Saturna. This wild currant bush greets me on my walk to the studio each morning, as does the buzzing of surrounding bees. I'm reminded there's something to accomplish and that spring happens, whether you choose to notice it or not.

Stay well and good wishes,
Janet  Strayer