Saturday, August 15, 2020

Stir In Some Pleasure: New Series of Art Shows at Saturna Café

 Our times in the midst of the Covid pandemic continue to be challenging, to say the least. To add a little bit of solace, interest, and pleasure for all to enjoy, some of the many talented artists on Saturna Island have organized a series of art shows to adorn the Saturna Café.


As you come to the General Store and Café, watch for a steady stream of engaging new paintings, photos and artwork. Created and curated by Art Saturna members for the community here, a series of different shows will be on the walls for six weeks each. The series of shows promises lots of interesting new vistas for you.

The show that just ended, by Dona Faye Digance, displayed her magical textile-paintings, very Saturna-inspired. Donna’s studio is open on Saturna, like those of most of the participating artists.


The current show (until last week of September) by Janet Strayer is called Fins and Wings and Scaly Things. Aptly enough it takes us through water, land, and air to find the little creatures and growing things that live within them and amidst us. It’s full of eye-openers and some delightful surprises.

The following show (through October), presented by Carole Keene, will display Jack Campbell’s wonderful paintings. After that, we’ll see a variety of artworks that will all add a bit of pleasure to our lives: by local painters and photographers like Karen Muntean, Gaye Oreskovic, Neysa Weins, Nettie Adams, Andrée Fredette, Pamala Page, and Larry Fields (there may be others, too.)

So, when shopping at our General Store, be sure to stop by the Café, a fine spot on its own. Plus, now, with even more reason to lift your spirits, there will be a steady stream of art to enjoy!