Sunday, February 14, 2016

Saturna Artist Abroad by Janet Strayer

This year (2016) I have the pleasure of living and painting in Europe for some months while also writing a column, called Artist En Route, for the Canadian Arts Avenue magazine.

I've expanded these columns dealing with Anticipation/Preparation, London, Provence, and Sicily (so far) with more info and many more photos on my blogsite:
You can visit it, if you like, for travel tips and other matters.

Provençal Suite 1: Abundance
Provençal Suite 2,

My first several months savored Provence, one of the most beautiful regions of France. With Cézanne as my nearest and constant neighbor, I was living inside a painting. The abundance of simple daily experiences inspired a series of  still life paintings (Provençal Suite) and some large landscapes (Autumn, below.
Onward to intense Sicily, where exhilaration and overpowering contrasts led me to seek inner refuge and to create a set of unexpected ink wash paintings/drawings.

(if interested, see more of this series and other monochromatic works done in Sicily at

 Then to Umbria, Italy, where I continue to live, travel, paint, and write.

Those Beautiful Ruined Cities,

Life continues to hold many adventures, sought and unsought.

Happy Valentine's Day,